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The Definitive - tractor beam - Close the blast doors - Blast it, Biggs/Wedge - you don't taste very good - Noooooo!!!" - Preservation Guide.
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9-Oct-2011, 5:52 PM
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9-Oct-2011, 6:06 PM
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additional clarification

For the sake of clarity, I think it would be important to identify how each later remix was derived, so its similarity or lack thereof to other versions can be easily traced.  For example, the 1993 mix of SW is simply a downmix of the 70mm version with additional sounds added on top, so its dialogue is identical, while the 1985 version is basically the same as the 35mm stereo except with the tractor beam line added.  The 1997 version comes from an original 4-track master with additional changes layered in, so most of its dialogue is again the same but with the tractor beam and blast door lines added.

The GOUT mixes are all from 1993, so they don't need to be in a separate category.

SW '04 and '11 are mostly the same remix except for a few tweaks, while ESB and RotJ are the same as each other in all three SE versions but with minor changes, so again their dialogue remains the same except where new dubs were added.

One other thing: while I can't state this with absolute certainty, I'm pretty sure that there were no 1985 remixes for ESB or RotJ.  With no content changes, and the total sound being so similar, I think the theatrical stereo tracks were used for all home releases up until 1993.