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The Definitive - tractor beam - Close the blast doors - Blast it, Biggs/Wedge - you don't taste very good - Noooooo!!!" - Preservation Guide.
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9-Oct-2011, 5:48 PM
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I'm listening to the DJ V3 through headphones with the volume cranked up, and msycamore is right. In both the 1985 and 1993 mixes, after R2's beeping, you can hear "and" mixed in very low, almost at whisper volume.

I'm not sure whether it was intentional, or whether it was an error in the original mix. Perhaps the original mixers intended for the "and" to be there but accidentally mixed it in too low, or alternatively, they might have intended for it not to be there but they didn't completely dial it out.

It's one of those anomalies like "Luke, come on!" in the 2004/2011 mixes of ANH. In that case, Leia did always say "Luke," you can even make out Carrie's mouth movement right before it cuts away, but up until '04 it was always mixed in very, very low and drowned out by the laser fire and explosions.