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The GOUT crawl
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7-Oct-2011, 2:45 PM
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7-Oct-2011, 3:12 PM
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It's the original. Notice the lens distortion on the SW logo pullback, which makes the logo look slightly curved. (Mike Verta pointed this out in his recent image of the logo for his Legacy project.)

Also, there *is* a concave bend, just not as noticeable at first glance. Pause it right when the D in "DEATH STAR" is just about to be fully visible in frame, and look at how much more of the text in the center is still out of frame than on the edges. Also, I think the crawl is a little tilted to one side, too...

There is a color issue as well - the color of the logo/crawl tends more towards the green part of the spectrum on the right side of the frame (turn up the saturation and you'll see what I mean - when there's text in the bottom left section of the frame, it looks golden yellow, but it becomes more of a lemon-lime color further up and to the right). Someone in some older thread brought up how you can see a green tinge on the shadowed side of the Star Destroyer - I think this is part of the same color-shift issue. The fact that the GOUT transfer of the crawl/flyover has a kind of a green push doesn't help. (If you crank up the saturation on the Moth3r telecine, you can see the same "gradient" effect; since it doesn't have the same green push as the crawl/flyover segment of the GOUT, the crawl text looks golden yellow in most of the frame, while in the bottom left corner it comes out looking more red-orange.)

If it were a re-creation, these flaws wouldn't be there.