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Info: 1997 SE DV Broadcast Info & Discussion
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21-Sep-2011, 4:19 AM
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The Aluminum Falcon said:

Max_Rebo said:

I even went as far as reviewing my project files to see how much is left to be done... and had a bit of a mental breakthrough regarding colour correction.

You still have those? It is nice to see you back around Max_Rebo. Are you considering finishing the set or just reminiscing on old projects

It's not something I ever really gave up on, it's just that real life got in the way. One of the best things about using Avisynth for editing is that the project files are tiny so there's no point in deleting them!

I've been thinking about a good method of colour matching the sources and recently realised there might be an easy way to do it in Avisynth (much easier than previous attempts to write a new C++ filter, or using the python program I tried to write), matching the colours of the various sources is most important for ANH where the creator boosted the contrast and saturation.

However there is way more to do on ROTJ than I ever thought, the filtering of the GKAR version (see this post) affects so many more frames than I thought, including almost every shot of C-3P0 and Vader where it filters out little bits of reflection, and also a lot of space shots where it removes parts of fast moving ships.

Just in the middle of moving house, but I may have another look at this once I've moved.