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The Aluminum Falcon
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Info: 1997 SE DV Broadcast Info & Discussion
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20-Sep-2011, 9:45 PM
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20-Sep-2011, 9:47 PM
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The Aluminum Falcon
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Max_Rebo said:

I even went as far as reviewing my project files to see how much is left to be done... and had a bit of a mental breakthrough regarding colour correction.

You still have those? It is nice to see you back around Max_Rebo. Are you considering finishing the set or just reminiscing on old projects?

russs15 said:

If all other requests to upload the TB release somewhere fails, I will gladly send my original discs out to someone if they can promise an upload to get this great DVD set back in circulation.


Russs, I'd be absolutely willing to upload the TB set to MultiUpload, where it is available to all, if you sent them to me. I uploaded the G'Kar and Flunk and no one seems to be having trouble getting those downloaded. Are the TBs DVD-9s or DVD-5s? It really doesn't matter; I'm just curious. :-D

In any case, I'm very sorry but I'm not able to pay B&P right now. Can we do a PiF-type deal where I pass by uploading? If this is all right, PM me and I'll send you my address. Apologies... :-(