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Does anyone care about the 'extended universe'?
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16-Sep-2011, 2:02 PM

TheBoost said:

Jacen said:

I very much like the "Legacy of the Force" series. The rise of Darth Caedus struck me as a good example of how evil does not start out as black, but sort of an off-white. By the time you recognize it as black, it is too late.

I thought that the Boba Fett subplot was also supremely well handled. Karen Traviss turned Fett into a flawed and scarred human being, and as a result, his character was that much more badass, even though he's in his seventies!

Again, I suspect that many fans don't want Fett to be "humanized." To each his own.

I didn't love the humanizing of Boba, but I admit it was interesting to read.

Although with Jacen/Caedus, while the arc had it's ups and downs, I was never able to get over his initial evil act, where he looked into the future and basically said "If I don't commit murder, the plot will never happen!" :)

I agree completely. I wish his "turn" happened later, say in the 2nd or 3rd novel. It was too sudden, even after the subtle build-up in NJO and the Dark Nest trilogy. That said, we knew Jacen Solo was the epitome of pragmatism, therefore it at least made logical sense for this to occur, if not the most plausible sense.

Even Luke commented on "ends justifies the means" pragmatism, which I thought was one of the most brilliant passages in the entire series-- "There are times when the end justifies the means. But when you build an argument based on a whole series of such times, you may find that you've constructed an entire philosophy of evil."

Too bad Luke couldn't see it in his own nephew.