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Let's all say something nice about George Lucas. No insults allowed.
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7-Sep-2011, 8:42 AM

George gave me something to do with my childhood, and something to aspire to as an adolescent (tell stories via the medium of movies).

Unfortunately computers got in the way and took over my career (much as they took over moneymaking moviemaking) and I'm really sad to see those pics of Steve Jobs on TMZ.

I applaud Lucas for the PT political machiavellian subtext which is a lot wiser than the optimistic childish/cliché/one-dimensional subtext of the OT. It just goes to show that politics makes for very boring cinema and everyone wants to feel emotionally charged rather than confused and bored.

I also applaud him for driving technology forward by facilitating things like EditDroid, Pixar, digital acquisition, THX, Rescue on Fractulus, Skywalker Sound, Photoshop ...