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What HASN’T changed on the 2011 OT SE Blu-ray release – the uncorrected mistakes...
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5-Sep-2011, 2:51 AM

Never noticed Luke's ghost. Thanks for pointing it out. The SE's are lazy as sin. They even use the same texture for EVERY X-wing in Yavin. I hear you on the plans; it was my favorite fix of Darth Editous' cut.

A few that have always bothered me: the band on Luke's X-wing. The set piece has a solid red stripe, while the model of Luke's Red Five has a broken stripe. Yet I seem to be the only one to notice this.

Also, anyone else wonder where Vader's shot went. "I have you now!", he fires locked on, the TIE next to him explodes, and apparently he missed, despite being locked on. Not really an error I suppose, but since we're nitpicking.

I can't believe they still won't fix the windows in Cloud City after added them. The SE is just so half-assed.