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Help: looking for... Does an OT edit that falls between Ady's & Harmy's projects exist?
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3-Sep-2011, 6:21 PM
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30-Jun-2020, 6:34 AM
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I really like what Ady and Harmy are doing with their edits. It’s beyond impressive but after watching both versions I am wanting something else. I actually like some of the added CG scenes from the 97SE (particularly from the Death Star Battle in ANH). Ady’s version is also amazing but I think he went a little too far in adding stuff especially after I watched his version of the Death Star Battle.

Is there a version that is a cut that falls between Ady’s and Harmy’s?

I basically want some of the CG scenes (exteriors/ships) included but do not want some of the horrific GL additions in there.

I’m looking for:

-Han shooting first

-No Jabba scene

-restored/corrected colors and sabers

-no SE Wampa

-original Emperor scene in ESB with Vader

-no awful Jabba’s palace musical number

  • original ROTJ ending (although I don’t mind the 97SE version) but with Shaw back in as Anakin