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Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
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20-Jun-2004, 8:57 PM
First time post, but here goes:

In the interests of getting the various bootleg DVDs out and in circulation, could some of the people who have them please post them to Usenet? I know I'm talking to a very narrow slice of the enthusiast bell curve here: Those who read this board, have the DVDs, and know what Usenet is, but it would get out to more people than just those here on this board.

For those who don't know what Usenet is, it's a network of discussion groups, categorized by a hierarchical structure. archives many of them, but there are hundreds of thousands of unique groups not archived by Google. The most prolific are those which begin with the prefix alt.binaries... as those are the ones which actually contain binary data. It is possible to post full DVDs to some of these groups, and in fact, this is frequently done. Good groups to post these DVDs to would be alt.binaries.dvd, alt.binaries.dvdr, or alt.binaries.starwars.

Posting the files is, admittedly, a time consuming exercise, and involves creating a disc image (such as an iso or mdf/mds set), compressing that into a series of .rar files, and then using a program like Agent newsreader to post those files.

I'm willing to do this for the TR47 set, although I won't be able to until sometime next month, as they have been borrowed from me.