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26-Aug-2011, 11:52 PM
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TV's Frink said:

Agnostic FTW! Woot woot!


I still try to be respectful of religion, even though I am not myself religious. I don't know the answers, but in saying that, I don't see how I can say that any other group doesn't have the answers either. How would I know?

The issue is simpler (in principle) than this last sentence suggests.

Religion has no answers (in the "valid" sense of the word) if it has no evidence to back up their answers (that they actually give).
Atheism doesn't claim to have any answers.

Hence, weak atheist.
I don't know of any evidence that backs up the claims of any religion - and stick to the label that makes no claims without backing them up in the first place.
Seems sound to me.