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OT bootleg DVD reviews
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11-Jun-2004, 7:57 AM
As another UK SW fan desperate for a decent OT bootleg, anyone got any views on Kriegersaurus' versions - link below?

Are these just copies of TR47's disks, the Anamorphic ones or something new? Of course, I guess they could be the old ones from Honk Kong. I bought some bootlegs from the Far East about a year ago, and they were *just* about okay - apart from the generally fuzzy and over-saturated video and the sound in ROTJ lagging a fraction of a second behind the lip movements! Aaargh!

Personally I'm desperate for a copy of TR47's disks - I just want a decent quality, unmessed-up version of the films that I loved as a kid to show to my kids when they're old enough. Is that too much to ask for, George?

Any help much appreciated,