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Is GOUT resented?
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21-Aug-2011, 10:46 PM

I resent a couple of things about the GOUT.

First and foremost, it is inexcusable that it wasn't anamorphic. People can talk all they want about how back at the beginning of the DVD format it would have been fine, but this wasn't released then so that argument is invalid.

Secondly, the forced double dip. Some choose to look at it as a simple cash grab or fuck you to the fans, but I don't think that's it. This was more than just pissing on the fans, it was a coldly calculated move to insure that the GOUT could never outsell George's preferred cuts of the films. It made it impossible for we the fans and consumers to vote with our dollars and definitely show George that our preference is the unaltered original trilogy, because every sale of the gout is also a sale of the SE, and having already released the SE's previously on their own, the GOUT could never overtake it. Now George can say "I made the unaltered trilogy available, but my SE's outsold them by a large margin."

It was a dick move. If George had any balls he would have given us a bare bones remastered release and let us decide which version of the trilogy would win.