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OT bootleg DVD reviews
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9-Jun-2004, 1:52 AM
I have the anamorphic DVD set - got it from digitalfreaknyc, who is good enough to ship worldwide - and took only 3 days from my order to reach me here in the UK from the USA - all for the cost of 4 blank disks and postage & packing.

Originally I was going to go with the TR47 set, though through reading the Bootleg DVDs thread in the General Section I was less than impressed with his actions in there. Obviously most of us will be glad that he has competition from others selling their sets too - otherwise we'd have been paying a substantial amount of more money. I would not have been happy to buy a set from this guy and find out the next day that he'd cut his prices by around a half (perhaps even more) as there is now a bit of competition....

Those people offering DVD sets for free (postage & packing) and other similar amounts of $/£ are to be applauded.

A BIG thanks to all those who've created and or posted DVD covers, disc art and inserts here too - they've come in most handy