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The ANH:SE Redux Ideas thread (Radical Ideas Welcome).
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26-Jul-2011, 11:11 AM
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26-Jul-2011, 11:13 AM
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Here's an idea I might try to put together... tell me what ya think.

Dinner scene with Luke and auntie and uncle. Luke gets up to leave...

-Luke: Looks like I'm going nowhere. I'm gonna finish cleaning those droids

he walks off, then, off screen we hear...

-Luke: Biggs?!

-Biggs: Luke!

-Luke: When did you get back?

-Biggs: Just now!

-Beru: Lukes just not a farmer Owen... He's got to much blahblah

-Owen: That's what I'm ablahblah.

Then we cut to the cut scene of Biggs and Luke drinking and talking. Maybe add some vaporators (or whatever they are) in the background to make it look more like they are at the Lars farm. Biggs gives Luke his news and leaves. We then cut to the sunset scene (the Biggs scene would be adjusted to look more like it's nearing sunset).