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29-Jun-2011, 8:22 AM
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msycamore wrote: the mono mix was created last, it wasn't until later in June if I recall correctly, that version first saw the light.

(this is probably right, but i've typed this out so follow the logic.  the first few sentences are a little off)

That doesn't quite jive with:

He's got a fairly even distribution of all three versions out there on opening day.  (8-70mm, 13-Dolby, 12-Mono)

I can understand if they made the "refined" credits at the time when they were making new prints when the popularity grew or for foreign versions, but exclusively for the prints with the mono mix... why even have Dolby System on those prints? was Dolby compatible with Academy mono prints?

I wouldn't say they did is 'exclusively for' the mono mix prints, it's just that those were last produced and they received the current final version.  (so yes it is exclusive, but that wasn't their goal)  From Rinzler's MoSW pg.288

MoSW pg.288 Quote: "The Dobly mix, however, was just the beginning of sound for Star Wars, as only parts of the English-speaking world were equipped for it.  For crucial foreign markets and much of America, monaural and other stereo system soundtracks had to be prepared as well."

On the Dolby Systems logo, they would probably say that's the level of technology the film was made up to for optimal performance.  The credits reflect that.

MoSW pg.291 Quote: "The first mix sent out with the film, at the last possible second, was the six-track Dolby stereo version, but the first mix also had the most errors.  Next up was the two-track stereo, which was derived from the six-track, yet there was still not time at that stage to make any changes.  "I asked Steve Katz to do something," Burtt says, "but they wre all too afriad to mess with it, 'cause the deadline was so close-the whole system with the Dolby was kind of an experiment, and they didn't want me to tamper with it."

So that might coincide with the 35mm and 70mm versions being the same.

Rinzler and Coate differ on the order in which the audio versions were created.  Coate says the international is a fourth "35mm four-track magnetic stereo"  But Rinzler's got:

MoSW pg.292 Quote: SWR 05.25.77 "Yes for Lucas, who was still working on the fourth final mix, the monaural, nothing had changed.  "We'd finished the 70mm eight-track stereo mix, which Fox had resisted, and we were working on the monaural version for the wide release, so I was mixing at night," he says.

This wider release using the Coate's data is late June.  As the number of prints in circulation doubled each week.  (approximate: 50-100-200) 

Which is what msycamore said to start this post.

So since it's a new day, new facts, new conclusions, shall we say June for the revised credits?



Still a little confused what was shown opening day in the theaters which couldn't play the 35mm or 70mm Dolby Stereo version...


A Burtt quote on mono mix, which could explain the credits:

"George put a lot of effort in that mono mix," Burtt remembers, "and he even said several times, 'Well, this is the real mix. This is the definitive mix of the film.' He paid more attention to it because he felt it was more important archivally."

from:  (towards the bottom)