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Darth Stewie
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B-Wings in ROTJ, editing epiphany
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24-May-2011, 1:06 PM
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24-May-2011, 1:16 PM
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Darth Stewie
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Well, I can say that you think a lot like I do.  However, as a filmmaker I can tell you that the inconsistencies are much less important than the overall feel of the battle. I do not agree with glaring inconsistencies that alter the story or somehow take the viewer out of the viewing experience. However, in this case I can accept the fact they switch everyone around and changed voices of the woman (never knew that btw).

I am doing my own edits "Star Wars: A Renewed Hope" and the entire 'Renewed' trilogy will come in time. The likelyhood of me skipping ESB and going on to ROTJ is very high. I am chomping at the bit to get a hold of that film. Unlike Adywan, I am not trying to perfect the films. His goals and mine are vastly different. I am basically trying to fix all the things that has bothered me and then make the 'Special Edition' we should have been treated to in 1997. So, that being said, when I get a hold of the Endor Battle it will be ramped up to the Nth degree. B-wings will make a bold statement in ROTJ: Renewed. I am fortunate enough to be a collector for about 30 years now and I have a little of everything. I have a B-wing, A-wing, 2 Y-wings, and several X-wings to shoot the live action with. The only thing i lack is a large TIE and a better SD for close up shots.  When I am finished the entire battle will be completly re-edited to accomodate the new shots.

Have no fear my friend. You will get your beloved B-wings into ROTJ finally as well as some secret surprises I have in store. I might need your insight on who is who as far as pilots go. I haven't finished 'A Renewed Hope' yet so I haven't really torn apart ROTJ yet. Keep up the good work and if you can somehow get the game footage in better quality let me know. I can't play my games on my new 64 bit computer so I haven't the ability to rip the footage.

 PS - As far as the original song in Jabba's palace, it will make a rousing comeback in my edit. I have already seen somebody (don't know who) re-edit the original footage with the CGI footage and the way it was done was seamless. They have done almost exactly what I'll do. I even have a way for Yub-Nub to make a comeback without losing the new score at the end of the film. Tricky of course but it works. I already did a quick mock-up last year and it totally works. Don't worry dude, I'm like Uncle George when it comes to tinkering with these movies but I, unlike Georgy Poo, understand the films and what makes them great. I am changing things just because I want to play around in the Star Wars universe but in the end, I want Yub-nub and B-wings and all the stuff I dreamed about as a kid to finally make it on screen.

Peace brother ~ Steven