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Anchorhead said:

All goofing aside;  that is a very disturbing board to read.  There are people on that forum who have so fully bought into the Lucas "Original Vision" bullshit that they somehow see, and have discussions about, things that simply are not there. 

Nor were they ever there because they hadn't been thought of at the time the first three films were written. I saw a discussion of why Vader would torture his own daughter on the Death Star.  Leia-as-daughter was years away from being thought up by Lucas, yet these people are having an in-depth, very serious discussion about it - trying to understand it.  Trying to somehow make it fit in with the lies they've been fed.

It's scarey that people can be drawn in and fooled at that level.  They've completely let go of reality.  Fuck, man - it's the 1984 Ministry Of Truth and it's really happening.  Lucas changes shit on the fly and they buy it 100%.

Optimist in me says that they aren't actually buying into it THAT much, they're just playing along because they're obsessive fans of the 'saga'. Of course I don't really know TF.n like some of you guys do. 

Also, I guess kinda in response to an above post... I didn't migrate here from a Star Wars forum at all, I found this place via an off-topic post on a cover art website for video games. This place rekindled my interest in Star Wars, actually.