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THX 1138 "preservations" + the 'THX 1138 Italian Cut' project (Released)
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24-Feb-2011, 9:23 AM
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24-Feb-2011, 9:23 AM
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Interesting observations, I haven't gotten the time to check out your subs yet. I'm currently in the process of checking out the quality differences in SilverWooks LD captures that recently arrived safely to cold Sweden. :)

I'll try to post examples between the various captures so you all can see when I get the time. It's not hard to understand that Silver got a little THX- burned out, I have both the Jap and US LD's captured on three different players sitting on my computer, that is 6 different captures of this film to go through! A big thank you SilverWook! you did a damn fine job!

I know that you earlier thought the Japanese LD would probably be the base for this, but my first impression is actually that the US LD captured on your 8210 is the one, but this could of course differ from scene to scene, haven't studied it that close yet.

Also, dark_jedi have offered to help out with this, which is great, as he have the experience and knowledge I lack when it comes to LD preservation. :)