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Borders bookseller faces bankruptcy
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18-Feb-2011, 4:08 AM
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18-Feb-2011, 4:28 AM
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I almost never buy books. I feel I already pay enough for my internet connection. People in Europe pay a third what we pay for internet and their speeds are a lot faster. If I want to read about something or lookup something, I usually turn to the internet and that usually more than satisfies what I wanted to read. In the last 5 years the internet has really gotten diverse enough to feed most people's reading needs. It still is nice to have a book to read in bed though.

When I go into bookstores I always just take the books/magazines/newspapers I am interested in and read them there and then put them back when I'm done. That's usually the only time I have to read them anyways. When I get home I usually forget about them so it really doesn't pay for me to buy them. I like my local Barns & Noble a little bit better than my local Borders. I haven't gone to either of them very much in the past few years, but I used to go to a Barns & Noble after school almost every day. I had a hard time finding particular titles at both Borders and Barns & Noble. Even if I did find something I liked, I would rarely buy it there because bookstores sell at premium retail prices and even with discounts are still cheaper online. But sometimes I did buy things here just to feel like I was supporting them for all the times I went in to sit and enjoy their environment and not buy something.

I don't know if my local Borders is closing, but I think I will go to there tomorrow and see if it is closing and see if there are good closeout buys and then try to flip them on ebay for a higher price.