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Harmy's STAR WARS TRILOGY "Partly Despecialized Edition" HD. !!! These version are now obsolete - Look for Despecialized Editions instead!!!
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17-Feb-2011, 3:38 PM

OK, guys, I need your opinions, here's another little experiment:

It is the flyby clip. It is there twice- 1st is the latest version of the composited one and 2nd is the very same clip with a layer of Puggo Grande added to it. The point is that the 1st one is clean and HD at the beginning and at the end, but there is quite a jarring transition to the GOUT material, while the 2nd one is HD but looks kinda like as if it was an HD scan of an old 35mm print but the insertion of the GOUT isn't as jarring and we have to keep in mind that this particular shot would have been noisier even in the original negative due to multiple compositing. Let me know what you think.