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Topper Harley
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Info: Star Wars Unaltered Original Trilogy in HD (Edited with 2004 HD Broadcast Material) (* unfinished project *)
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3-Feb-2011, 2:25 PM


Usually I would only need two Versions of Star Wars: The Speical Edition, like George Lucas sees his movies now, and the Original Version, as I have seen it back in the day.

I appretiate much of the work that has been going on here, creating the different versions, and I have looked at some of them, since I "arrived" here.

But frankly, the one version I was looking for and thinking about, does not yet exist: The original unaltered Trilogy with as much HD-Footage as possible.

Yes, Adywans and Harmy's Theatrical Versions of Empire and Jedi do definitely a good Job at recreating the versions on a DVD-Quality Scale (havent looked at Jedi yet).

With the partly despecialized Editions, Harmy recreated the exact edit of the old versions (Greedo shots first, no Jabba in ANH, etc..) but left a lot of the special edition shots in it. While a version like this is really nice quality-wise, it's edit is dependent on personal choices and with every cgi-shot I think I am watching the special edition again.

The question is, what is your main goal you want to achieve: Is it important for you, that you never see a quality-jump? Then probably you will be better served with a theatrical reconstruction in DVD-resolution or the partly despecialized edition. For me on the other side it would be the main goal to watch a movie that is completely despecialized with as much HD footage as possible.

I wouldn't mind so much, when the GOUT shots, are revealed as being lower quality. Sure, they would need to be color corrected, to fit in. I am also not so sure about all the cleaning for the GOUT that has been going on, because if done too excessive, the picture can appear very lifeless and too clean.

There should basically be a HD version of ANH, were Wolfman is back were he belongs, and even the original model shots have been inserted back into the Death star battle.

Well... we'll see about that.. ;)