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Info: ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
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Here's the opening of Jedi that I'd love to see. It's quite close to what Possesed is working on for his edit, but still different. I'm no good at posting pics to show exactly what I'm talking about, but I hope you can follow.

Opening text would have to be altered to mention that Luke has returned to Dagobah to continue his training.

After opening text, we pan down to Darth Vaders Super Stardestroyer near the uncompleted Death Star.

Cut to Darth Vader in his mediation chamber talking to Luke telepathically through the force urging him to join him on the darkside.

cut to the deleted scene of Luke in the cave working on his new light saber. Edit the exterior of the cave to resemble Dagobah. Luke shakes the voice in his head and continues working and then igniting his saber.

Cut back to the Super Stardestroyer and we see Vader's shuttle leave for the Death Star (why was he leaving from a standard Stardestroyer originally?) continue to the original opening scene with Vader and Jerrod.

After that, cut to Yoda's hut on Dagobah for Yoda's death scene. After Luke says "So I am a Jedi." Cut Yoda's line about having to face Vader again and just cut to him saying "When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be." This way we get the idea that Luke has continued and now finished his training with Yoda. Yoda dies then cut to the Emperors arrival on the Death Star, removing the scene with Obi-Wan.

This would give the beginning of the film a more menacing tone with Vader still haunting Luke and more of a build up to the action at Jabba's palace. Agree? Disagree?