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Bantha Foodoo
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RedLetterMedia's Revenge of Nadine [TPM 108 pg Resp. [RotS Review+RotS Preview+ST'09 Reveiw+Next Review Teaser+2002 Interview+AotC OutTakes+Noooooo! Doc.+SW Examiner Rebuttal+AotC Review+TPM Review]
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1-Jan-2011, 10:13 PM
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some good impressions of Palpatine and Grievous in there.


I actually liked R2D2's introduction in TPM and his appearance before the Queen. Reminded me of a 1940s high seas film-Captain Blood or something. Might be the only thing I liked in it.

Would have been more logical if C3PO served on the same ship.

The protocol droid built on Tattooine was just very bad writing.

Like saying the movies were for kids but having political intrigue and trade problems in it.. Yeah-kids love that stuff.

Red Letter Media guy gets my respect for risking(or rather achieving) mental damage by analyzing the prequels.

I think his storytelling points can be used on many recent films-wish he would savage District 9, most overrated production of recent years. So poorly thought out-I must track down the version that apparently deserved a best adapted screenplay nomination over so many sf films in the past that never got one.

The version I saw was some kind of ultra cheap Alien Nation-Enemy Mine retread with a lot of  shaky cam and an uncertain blend of seriousness and comedy.

It was nowhere in the league of Robocop/2001/Star Wars as some people described it. It may be better than the Prequels but I dont plan to watch it again to do a comparison.