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THX 1138 "preservations" + the 'THX 1138 Italian Cut' project (Released)
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29-Dec-2010, 6:13 AM
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29-Dec-2010, 6:16 AM
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My God the mistakes I'm listening to! I'm almost done with the subtitling by the way. I'm 15 minutes to the end of the movie, then I'll check it all over and add here and there some time indication so you can easily check that you are subtitling the right stuff at the right time.

I never noticed that the film has also been re-edited moving some scenes around (THX trial is not right after his arrest and in the trial he's considered "curable" while in English they say he's incurable). I wonder that the hell did Warner have in mind.

The way some parts have been translated really make the film hard to understand while in English it's all pretty clear... anyway you'll see for yourself soon enough.

There were a couple of things I didn't translate from Italian because they clearly were mistakes.
When THX is looking for LUH on the computer, a voice says that LUH has been destroyed and regenerated (whatever that means) with the new name of FOETUS, they thought foetus was her new name??? In English of course it says that LUH has been "consumed" and name "reassigned" to a foetus.

I'm leaving it as it is in English because I'm not keeping this kind of sh*t, pardon my French lol