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25-Dec-2010, 12:55 AM

Nerfherder said:

PaulisDead2221 said:

I did not appreciate somebody's comment about "karma" that seemed to be insinuating that the proper karmic "balance" to this situation is for you to actually get cancer

That wasn't my attention at all - I meant if you lie about something, it'll catch up with you in the end - that's what I meant by the Karma comment. And how dare you insinuate that I would wish cancer on anyone, especially after I posted that I know people that have died from it (people I loved). I'm awaiting an MRI result myself...

Then, indeed, I take it back.  I hope you read this before you leave the thread.

Leguman said: But this damn keyboard won't let you know exactly the real "me" I'm affraid.

I realize now this is the real barrier that separates us all.