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THX 1138 "preservations" + the 'THX 1138 Italian Cut' project (Released)
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24-Dec-2010, 4:26 AM

ChainsawAsh said:

The most important part of that message is this:

If you wish us to transfer copyrighted material, only one copy can be made for preservation or backup purposes and you are required by law to be (and continue to be) the owner of the original media.

That means, if they do it, and you're caught redistributing the ("one and only") copy, you (or they) could get in to trouble over it.


Yeah, lol, I purposely chose not to direct my thoughts on that segment as I assumed it didn't matter in our case. I figured there could be 'ways' around that given the fact we would be creating a fan-edit(preservation) of the film that is not officially available.

But I might be very wrong with that assumption, and what people here are pursuing is either clear of any copyright issues or I am completely missing the obvious.