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Robot Chicken Star Wars III Discussion thread
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20-Dec-2010, 11:40 PM
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21-Dec-2010, 12:34 AM
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They went in a slightly different direction this time. Using that melody from The Who must have cost them a bit. And yet the disco music didn't sound like the real Meco tunes they've used before. Palpy's early career on Naboo was fun. He's more interesting on RC than he is in the prequels.

Gary the stormtrooper is becoming a character in his own right. I chuckled when I recognized what tune he was humming in the Lars' bathroom. The Ewok scene was both disturbing and hilarious.

Luke's brief encounter with that Wampa had an amazing amount of pathos. Was that based on something from another movie?

The shocking truth about Jar Jar made my day.

The fact the Sarlacc doesn't have that damned Audrey II mouth, and we got original Anakin ghost makes me think someone on the show is on our side. (Not to mention "Yub Nub" song!)

Gratuitous THX-1138 references always make me smile.

And "You Special Edition M****r F****r!" needs to be put on a t-shirt! It should be our new rallying cry for the next decade. ;)