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THX 1138 "preservations" + the 'THX 1138 Italian Cut' project (Released)
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16-Dec-2010, 10:45 AM
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16-Dec-2010, 10:48 AM
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Got your file myscamore, I will work on that, shouldn't take too long. Maybe we misunderstood each other while we were proposing the same thing. Work on your srt file will take no much time.

As for the Italian dubbing liberties, are you all sure you want those translated? They were afterall "liberties" taken by the translators (as they often do here), not direct orders from Warner.

We have other infamous translation liberties, one big example is from Star Wars ep IV when the "clone wars" Obi Wan refers to were translated with "Guerre dei Quoti" ("Quoti Wars", where Quoti doesn't mean anything at all, they just decided to invent a word!). In 2000s it became obvious when Lucas made "The Clone Wars" into one if his prequels.

When I select Italian subtitles on Star Wars IV, in that scene they correctly wrote "Clone Wars" even if in the dubbed audio track they say "Quoti Wars".


So my question is, do you really want to keep the Italian liberties that the dubbers took when translating THX and make them into the English subtitle or should we stick to the original subtitles no matter what the audio in Italian says.

I rest my case to you, whatever you decide if perfectly fine for me. I like the robot casually saying that the employees were going to be destroyed because oudated! lol


As for the time when we could chat one day, if I'm not mistaken noon in the pacific corresponds to 9pm here in Italy. SilverWook if you are ever free in late morning or early afternoon that would be just fine for me.

msycamore where do you live?