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9-Dec-2010, 12:42 AM
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9-Dec-2010, 12:43 AM
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I finally watched the 3 hour cut from the new Collector's Edition.  Some nice new plot lines (frankly I liked some of the delete footage stuff better (like the romance subplot and the other avatars during the epic battle)), but also this is more bloat along with it.

Any chance on a v2 using the extendeder cut?  The expanded Earth opening works very well.  The original opening is a bit jarring in its pace considering how slow the rest of the film moves.

Some of the expanded stuff on the school is okay, but the Lorax book?  Sigh.

I think I finally realized what bothers me about Avatar the most.  It's sci-fi light.  It's the far future, but people still read printed books, play golf with plain old clubs and speak just like us while spewing the same tropes (especially the military).

While this probably made it more accessible to the less scifi inclined, it also makes it seem like crap to real geeks.

Anyway, so I'm just putting it out there, a request for an expanded source revision.