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[Article] Kershner Would Have Directed One of the Prequels
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16-Nov-2010, 3:17 PM
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17-Nov-2010, 11:54 AM
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SilverWook said:

The old "you're only as good as your last movie" argument, eh? ;)

Nah... I didn't really mean that.  What I meant was: Name one other thing that's in the same ballpark as good as ESB that Kersh had ANYTHING to do with.  If he'd made 10 awesome movies, and then one stinker, then I would be dropping the "as good as your last" argument.  I was more making a "if he was able to wrest ESB from Lucas and actually make it a good movie, he should also have a deep history of other awesome work" but I've never seen it.

I think we're all maybe suffering more from the "Anyone but George" argument.  Not that Kersh didn't do a great job... but maybe he doesn't deserve as much credit for ESB as we all want to give him.