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Act Breaks?
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4-Nov-2010, 3:04 PM

xhonzi said:

cutnshut said:

Alien has 7 acts

xhonzi said:

No it has 3 acts... and maybe 2 other non-act thingyies.

cutnshut said:

thats great but its still 5 acts :p

It's true.  It's 5 segments.  But, as far as I understand the 3 act structure, it makes sense to call them prologues and epilogues, because the central 3 Acts ARE the 3 Act structure.

I was thinking about this one the other day.  It has been asserted (not by me, but I think I agree with it) that all stories must at least loosely follow the three (AKA five) act structure.  That it's some sort of hardcoded expectation in human DNA.  If a story is told without act structure... people wouldn't know that it was over.  Or that it had started.  Some would say a story without act structure is not a story at all.

So, Aliens has 5 acts (I can't deny it anymore, and Cut'n'shut isn't here to gloat).  I still thing P,1,2,3,E are good names for the acts (vs 1,2,3,4,5) since the central 3 and the threeIs this the (or one of the) reasons that people are so attacted to Aliens?  Does the 5 act structure set it apart from all of the other 3 act movies and make it seem more epic?  Does it scratch some sort of preternatural itch that we as humans (or at least MEN) have for a 5 Act yarn- that they reduced 3 act structure just isn't getting?

What do you think?