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Star Wars OT & 1997 Special Edition - Various Projects Info (Released)
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27-Sep-2010, 4:05 PM

Chewtobacca said:

That's just total nonsense.  What on Earth is an anamorphically enhanced pillarboxed image?

edited -  do you mean the eight pixels of junk on either side of the "core" 704x480 image?  If so, then yes, that is what I want, and that is how all DVDs should be authored.

The TV needs to be set to 16:9 with DVD material, whether you are upscaling or not.  Moth3r explained what the player should upscale to above.

Look up what DVDs are Anamorphic but are pillerboxed, yes they do exist
Some older James Bond movies, Transformers The Movie PAL R2....while not quite common, its done

As to your "edited" point, that "junk" on some DVDs is actual picture information on some DVDs, and it is not overscanned if your setup is configured properly. And all stuidos and companies should "alter" the standards for such is pretty laughable....and yes that is pillerboxed, not an exaggerated example, but it could be categorized as such.

And no, the TV is not at all set to 16x9 when accepting a 1920x1080 signal (already 16x9) from the player, it should be set to normal or full/1:1 pixel mapped

I dont want to clog up Djs thread anymore, all hes doing is taking gforces script and carrying it out, if you have a problem with the script (which it sounds like you do) then Id say take it up with gforce in his thread. If you care to discuss this further, you can PM me instead or create a new thread, I just dont want this clogging up his thread