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20-Sep-2010, 2:30 PM
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A friend came over to Chateau Bingowings and brought with him three DVDs.

Mystery Men I had already seen some years before.

Being a fan of Bob Burden's comics it was a real disappointment that the humour was nowhere near odd enough and the film could have been done for a fifth of the price and be closer to the source material and much more funny (not to mention profitable).

It had some nice moments but it suffered like a lot of superhero/comic book adaptations do of style over substance and seeing as the substance was meant to be bizarre surreal humour it was neither bizarre enough or funny enough to warrant a connection to the comic title.

I really didn't want to see Bruno as I'm not a fan of Mr Cohen's work and I find he hits too many soft targets these days. It was much better than his previous two films but I hardly saw a frame of the film because my hands were constantly jumping in front of my face to reflex edit the film.

Four Lions however was a masterpiece.

Tragic, warm and astonishingly funny considering the subject matter.

Full of unforgettable dialogue and tear inducing observations of the absurdity of the human race.

It is probably the most approachable project Chris Morris has put his name to and I highly recommend it.