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Back to the Future as one film (Released)
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12-Sep-2010, 1:16 PM
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I also did a chronological order version of this.  My source was the old laser disks and I did it a loooooong time ago before folks were doing stuff on computers with professional editing tools and TB hard drives.


Sat down with the movies first and made a list of disk/side/time for each cut and then tweaked it from there.  Spent hours with a VCR and the LD player going from disk to disk etc.  I had no problems with transitions from movie # 2 -3.  

My take was film 1 opens, pretty much as you see it.  When the car goes to the future I cut to when Marty comes back at the end of the show, taking it through his changed family.  When Doc comes back with the car we go to the future.  When they come back to the changed 1985 and head back to the past, that's where the fun began.  It took hours but I managed to get together all the 1950's stuff from 1 & 2.  BttF 2 ends and segues nicely into 3 which you have to watch to get the full deal.  


I still have it, a probably 15 year old videotape, recorded on EP setting to get all three movies on one tape.  Watched a bunch of times with my friends.  I have no intention of even trying it on a computer, got a baby on the way and real life will not allow me the indulgence of a project like this.


After BttF I did the same integration with Krystof Kieslowski's Three Colours Trilogy, probably the most obscure fanedit you'll ever see on these forums. Cut together Blue, White and Red the same way using LD and VHS and I loved it.  Loaned it to a friend and it didn't track well on his VCR so he thought the tape was junk and threw it away....without asking if I minded.  

You know, if a hard drive crashes there is some hope of recovering something but when this happens, you're just SOL.