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Discussion & For Sale: STAR WARS and ESB 16mm scope prints on eBay!
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It's been years since I watched the reels and when I penned my last post I was even doubting my own memory.   You know, back in the late 70's I bought some of those reels multiple times based on ability to afford, what my local K-Mart had to sell or I could find through LA Films and the various iterations of it released by Ken Films.  At one point I had a b&w silent reel because that was all that I could get my hands on.  Eventually we had a sound reel available but I didn't have a sound projector.  I was an ignorant kid and I thought if I ran the sound film through a silent projector that I would somehow damage the film, so I waited until I received a sound projector as a gift before setting my goals on the sound reels.


I recently found this site...


and in a thread about movie reviews other folks mention what I did here;f=4;t=000045


The real gem to find here is the Ken 200ft version. It opens with this scene, but has Ben giving Luke his father's light sabre and Luke waving it around! It also has more at the end of the scene with Luke protesting about going to Alderaan with Ben!


There were some real blasts from the past for me in this forum, I had totally forgotten about the early TESB reel that I bought that was silent but came with a cassette tape that you had to try to sync with the projector.