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26-Aug-2010, 9:33 PM
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Yes, but it didn't look like it was messed up/messing up in the first shot of him looking behind. Those two shots are one right after the other. Sure he could fix it again later when no one is watching, but I didn't see it move up in the first place. The scene goes from the visor being fine when Luke looks forward, to Dak dying and Luke looking back (with it still looking fine, though he is at an angle so maybe it's hard to tell kinda), to Luke looking forward again and it's messed up. There's no cut away for it to to have happened off screen.

Also, when Luke goes to Degobah, right after Luke says "You're lucky you don't taste very good," the panel in R2's head (that shortly afterward spews mud from it) can be seen ajar/popped open slightly before mud ever comes out.

One might argue that it had already popped open previously off camera and R2 can't close it yet because of the mud, but I always saw it as a glaringly obvious set-up for an upcoming effect (akin to seeing the bad covering of the breakable elevator door in the Death Star in ANH.) Like, you know that it's coming because that panel is messed up and so your eyes are drawn to it, making the effect less surprising.

What do you think? Ought this to be fixed? I would sure appreciate it if it was.