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Return of the Jedi cut-scene
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15-Aug-2010, 7:51 PM

Nerfherder said:

For God's sake what is WRONG with some of you people on here??!? Adywan posted a video clip from the celebration with MARK HAMILL introducing it, AND confirming it's HIM in the clip.


Well I was going off of the first video where he basically said that the shooting didn't happen.  But now w/ the other info, I stand corrected I guess.  I still think the Vader crap was pieced together, though, and I have a hard time buying its originality.  Hey this is what happens when someone (Luca$) lies to you time and time again...even when they are telling the truth, you still think they're lying.  Just ask my ex LOL ;)

But again who really cares from my end, I am still not buying this without the OOT!