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Return of the Jedi cut-scene
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15-Aug-2010, 1:17 PM

Darth Lars said:

MagnoliaFan said:

Just because the scene was half assed in 83 doesn't mean it isn't real. That's probably why it was cut out of the film to begin with.

I claim the shots of Luke to be a fake because Mark Hamill has said on several occasions that they were never shot with him in it. Each time, he sounded much more sure of himself than I think that he did at CV ...

Like I said (it was either here or in the Blu-Ray thread), Nimoy sounded absolutely authoritative when he told me that he never did Transformers the movie. Guess what? He just forgot something that only took a couple hours a few decades prior. People forget things.

There's been a few times on films where I've commented to someone, "I really wish we would have shot _____, so I could cut to it right here." before they correct me, "You did shoot that!" and I have to go back and sift through footage to check. Its easy to forget a few minutes on a set with the amount of shit you go through in a production.

Oh well, there's always gotta be someone swearing that the moon landing was faked or wearing tinfoil hats because the government is stealing their brainwaves.