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Return of the Jedi cut-scene
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15-Aug-2010, 3:29 AM

I agree. This isn't something that I came up with for an edit looping and reversing shots from a dvd.

George and Mark unveiled it themselves. If you look at the side view of Luke in the hood, there is absolutely zero question that it is Hamill and that's just looking at it on a youtube clip of a half ass cel phone video of it.

If it looked like they just threw a hood on Jon Lovitz and shot the scene and tried to pass it off, you would have heard a collective, "WTF" from the fans who were seeing it in full quality on a 50 foot screen.

Plus as has been said many times before, the soundtrack cds have had the score for this scene on it for many years. This scene was scored in 82-83 when Williams scored the movie.

Granted, it does look like there is some lazy recycling of alternate takes of footage to make up some of the Vader stuff, but as an editor, let me tell you, we do that shit all the time. Just normally for typical Hollywood fare, cynical fanboys aren't combing over it looking for any excuse to call it fake. If Han shooting Greedo wasn't in the original Star Wars, people would call that scene fake today when it went on the Blu Ray, because Han's "Even I get boarded sometimes, do you think I had a choice?" is obviously the exact same take of audio lifted from the Jabba scene.

This whole thing reminds me of over a year before Episode II came out, a supposed draft of the script came out and everyone picked it apart as fake. I still have it and it was 100% dead on accurate. People were just looking for a reason to cry fake.

Then when Episode III was coming out, a year or two before, storyboards and scene descriptions came out about a terminator like cyborg named Grievous that hunted Jedi and swung on a grappling hook walking on the side of the ship. People ridiculed the leaker claiming it was fan fiction bullshit and ran them off of several sites. At the time I remember thinking to myself, "There's no way that could possibly be made up. No fan would make up something so stupid." Fast forward a few years and what do you know, cyborg swinging on a hook.

And when the Trilogy hit dvd, the changed scenes leaked a few weeks before the release and until the day those discs were on shelves, people who could watch McDiarmid as the Emperor, see the changed Jabba, and see Hayden at the end of Jedi vowed that all of those scenes were faked by fans and were not going to be on the discs.

People need to get over their "Pics or it didn't happen" cynical attitudes. If you saw the pics, you'd just say they were photoshopped. Show you video and its a fake. Let you stand on set and watch them shoot it, and you'd swear it was doubles or that you were plugged into the Matrix or something.

Just because the scene was half assed in 83 doesn't mean it isn't real. That's probably why it was cut out of the film to begin with.