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Two drawings that I've did on Dee Dee's Asian friend, Lee Lee, from Dexter's Laboratory
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10-Aug-2010, 2:31 PM

Sorry it's been late between my posts, but as for my Dexter's Laboratory movie project, after much thought and careful consideration, today, I want to go back to Dexter's Odyssey.

And Dexter's Odyssey might still combine 2D traditional hand drawn animation with CGI, Special and Visual Effects both old and new, traditional and digital, some human actors, and a world fabricated from live action sets, real-life locations, miniatures, virtual CG set extensions and environments, and even footage shot in 35mm Panavision and/or 70mm IMAX film cameras or so.

And even with the Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls characters brought to life as 2D hand drawn animated cartoons set against actual filmed landscapes, Dexter's Odyssey would still be one of, if not, the most ambitious film projects the world should ever see since James Cameron's Avatar and Peter Jackson's the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.