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ray_afraid said:

Also, I've seen several posts about Luke and Leia's kiss in ESB and how it should be cut, or cut the revelation that she's his sister in ROTJ to avoid some kind of incestuous overtones. If anybody really thinks there was some kinda "love triangle" between Luke Leia and Han, then I doubt they've ever had much luck with the ladies. The moment Luke meets Leia it is clear that she has no romantic interest in him yet the moment she meets Han, the sparks fly- lot's of sarcasm and bickering (which is usually flirting) but it also leads to some off hand compliments ("you're braver than i thought."). I mean, sure, Luke was attracted to her and all, but there was never a moment where it seemed that they would end up together.


The love triangle was played up very, very much in a lot of the popular press in the late 70's - the 'who would Leia end up with?' question was there in a lot of the magazines I saw back then and Lucasfilm didn't seem to do a whole lot to discourage this kind of speculation.  Watching these movies as they came out I can say all of my contemporaries were wondering what happened with that storyline when TESB came out and we saw it in the theatres.  I saw TESB in Milwaukee on the inital release (opening weekend), it was the only city in Wisconsin that had a 70mm setup and it played in other cities a bit later.  When I came back to school the following Monday there were three questions asked about the movie:


Do they really have a scene where Darth Vader tells Luke he is his dad, and do they clear it up before the movie ends?


Who does the Princess end up with?


Is Yoda any good...a puppet in Star Wars?  Ewww..


A lot of people go on about the whole brother sister thing with kind of an ICK overtone but I've always thought that the Star Wars universe is crawling with all sorts of sentient species. Look at all the different races presented in the first movie.  In a galaxy like that where humans are just one of a thousand species competing for resources you may not have an incest taboo that is as strongly defined as it is our society.   You don't even need competition for resources to relax that taboo - look at the intermarriage between the ruling families of Europe in the 1800's and early 1900's.  A lot of these people were more closely related than we may find acceptable today.


Than again, it's just a movie.