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SW: SHADOWS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC (3-in-1 Prequel Film) ** V2 cut AVI Release Now Available
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16-Jul-2010, 10:29 PM

JasonN said:

Can Be Found Online At:

Originally based off a very rough cut of EP1 and EP2 by jra166, this fanedit was my first time working with the Star Wars Prequels and combined Episodes 1-3 into a single movie film which rewrote the story to have a major focus on Obi-Wan during his life in the Old Republic and a secondary focus on the young Jedi Anakin's fall to the Dark Side and rise as Darth Vader. Initially, I was not at all satisfied with how this edit turned out, which is what led me to work on the films individually and create my own fanedit trilogy of the Prequels instead. Much later on after learning new editing techniques and getting requests from several viewers, I decided to come back to the SOTOR edit and revise it for a V2 release, re-editing the fanedit into a movie about the past of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi which I am much more satisfied with.

FanEdit Information
Type of Fanedit: True Fanedit
Intention With This Edit: This is a single film with a major focus on Obi-Wan before his life as a hermit on Tatooine and a secondary focus of his apprentice Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side and rise as Darth Vader.
Original Titles: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
New Title: Star Wars: Shadows of the Old Republic
Original Runtime: 418 minutes (6 hours, 58 minutes)
New Runtime: 147 minutes (2 hours, 27 minutes)
Time Cut: approx. 271 minutes
Software Used: Sony Vegas 7 (video editing), Adobe Photoshop CS2 (image editing), Bahaus Mirage (compositing), Adobe After Effects 6.5 (compositing), Sony Sound Forge 8 (audio editing), Sony DVD Architect 4.5 (DVD authoring)

AVI Release Information
- Resolution: 720x320
- Audio format: 5.1 Dolby Surround
- Language: English 

Major Edits/Changes
- Added a new "Star Wars" title crawl
- Cut and trimmed up the lightsaber duels throughout the film to reduce slow moments and increase tension/drama
- Cut and removed various redundant, excessive, childish, or otherwise "stupid" elements from the plot and characters

Episode 1 Cuts/Edits:
- Plot now focuses on Obi-Wan arriving on Naboo with his master Qui-Gon Jinn to aid in the Naboo Rebellion against the Trade Federation
- The Queen Amidala and Padme Amidala are now sisters (in other words, they are not the same character)
- No visit to Tatooine or Pod Race
- While the Naboo Rebellion is taking place, the Queen has traveled to the Galactic Senate to remove the Trade Federation from her planet (being aided by Senator Palpatine)

Episode 2 Cuts/Edits:
- The Episode is now divided between 2 subplots:
1. The First story focusing on Obi-Wan investigating Queen Amidala's assassin and discovering the Clone army, Jango Fett, and the Separatist Rebellion
2. The second story focuses on Anakin, the beginning of his relationship with Padme, and the death of his mother
- Obi-Wan has no connection to Anakin Skywalker, nor is he Anakin's master until the beginning of Episode 3
- Anakin arrives on Tatooine only find his mother already dead and buried (no Sand People subplot)
- Owen is now Anakin's younger brother
- Boba Fett is NOT a clone of his father, Jango Fett
- Jango Fett's helmet now has a voice modulator

Episode 3 Cuts/Edits:
- Cut down the opening space battle
- Removed and edited nearly all of the Anakin/Padme reunion sequence (now they just embrace each other, followed by fading out to Anakin's nightmare)
- The subplots of "Jedis not being able to marry" and "Anakin keeping his marriage to Padme is a secret" are cut from the story - it is now known (and acceptable) that Padme is Anakin's wife and that Anakin is her child's father
- The "Jedi spying on Palpatine" subplot has been removed
- Added the deleted "Plot to Destroy the Jedi?" scene back into the film (which replaces a similar scene that occured between Mace and other Jedis)
- Trimmed the "Opera House" scenes to only be about Palpatine telling his story of Darth Plagious to Anakin
- Added the deleted "A Stirring in the Senate" scene back into the film
- Cut and re-edited the "Mace VS Palpatine" duel (along with the following "Anakin's choice" scenes) to remove redundant elements and increase the drama of the sequence
- Re-edited Anakin's encounter with the younglings into the rest of the "Order 66" scenes
- Added additional children screams to the audio during the hologram playback of the Anakin attacking the Jedis
- Completely removed the "Yoda VS Sidious" duel from the film - the final battle is now a single duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin
- Cut and re-edited the "Birth of the Twins/Darth Vader" sequence to remove overtly stupid plot elements
- Removed the scene of Padme naming the second twin Leia

 sounds like u just destroyed the films. i'm srry, but the Prequels are find as they are. They don't need to be touched! Yes i agree there are inconsistencies and bad acting, but i saw episode one when i was eight and up til now, still think there works of art.