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Info & Ideas: ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
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13-Jul-2010, 2:07 AM
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13-Jul-2010, 2:43 AM
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Has anyone thought of adding flashing lights to the ships?

i.e. similar to the flashing lights you find all over airplanes?

I could see this being done to the Mon Calamari ships; it could provide an interesting effect.

Also, more traffic around the Death Star II (star destroyers, tie fighters) in the establishing shots; just like what Adywan did to the Death Star establishing shot.  The sequence doesn't have to be any more complicated than it actually is, but I'd like to see more things moving.

The Death Star II should also really look more like it's under construction (i.e. flashing lights from welders, moving dots around the thing that are actually space construction vehicles...); the DSII construction should be something more like the construction of the Enterprise in 2009's Star Trek.

The moon should give a more alien-like feeling, reminiscent of Pandora in the movie Avatar (but it shouldn't be as intense like in Avatar to give contrast between the two movies).  Even something like this would work pretty well:

Or this:

53. Start a forest fire in the background. (Bingowings)

I kinda like this idea but it would only work if there were someone or something to put out the fire (i.e. rebel airships spraying water on the fires)

Also, I feel any modifications to the story (i.e. the ones about Executor crashing into the DS) would just change the story too much and ruin it; ROTJ should be fixed, not completely changed from the way it is.

One more thing.

This is an idea I really quite like :D