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Star Wars: REBORN - The Complete Saga (* unfinished project *)
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2-Jun-2010, 11:42 AM

Ripplin said:

InfoDroid said:

I've learned the trick is to wait until you've FINISHED an edit before you start the thread...  LOL! 

FINISHED FINISHED...or finished, but willing to implement post-"finished" suggestions? :p It's really fun for people to see the progress and offer things that might help. Sure, it's a shame if it doesn't actually get done (and we all mourn your situation with Crystal Skull, of course), but oh well.

I've been surpremely enjoying following the progress of "Doc Savage: Detarnished". People need to check that out.

Oh, I love the suggestions.  Definitely.  I just hate being the king of great but unfinished projects.  LOL!