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1-Jun-2010, 9:21 PM

After a good long week (or was it two?) I've just finished reading the entire 700+ page thread, so I am now caught up on this amazing project.  Boy am I exhausted!  Now I need to go and read the entire 300+ page thread covering ANH:R.  Here are some random thoughts:

Some great and epic battles were fought on this thread.  Some of the more memorable ones:

-"bring my shuttle"
-red AT-AT cockpit
-the Emperor's lines
-blue TIEs

And some of the battle's Adywan has had to face:
-getting ripped off by the post office on numerous ocassions.
-health issues
-computer issues (power supply, monitor)
-getting ripped off by Gateway
-the challenge of getting good wampa fur
-hot weather affecting the plaster
-car crash
-unplanned apartment "remodelling"
-project helpers going AWOL
-migranes and temporary blindness(!)

I appreciate all the clips that have been made available.  What I have seen so far is truely spectacular!  Watching SW:R, I felt like the movie was brand new.  And I had that same feeling of wow eye-popping awesomeness that this film gave me back in 1977.  I actually got chills during some of the scenes!  And really, the wait for the sequel feels very much the same as it did back then.  It's going to be very exciting to finally watch this movie when it is released!  I will be there "standing in line" with all of you on opening night!

I really enjoy watching SW:R music soundtrack only with subtitles turned on.  Making them 'on' by default would be nice for the ESB:R dvd, although it would be inconsistent compared to ANH:R.

Somebody posted a while back about the color corrected avchd releases:

I don't know if this has been posted but I thought I'd pass in on-if anybody has had problems playing back the achhd versions of SW 4 & 5 on their bluray players here's the scoop. The iso images that can be downloaded  are actually bluray on dvd-not achvd. What I did was mount the iso image useing Daemon tools, then open it and go to the stream folder and open that to get to the m2ts stream-now using a tool called multiAVHCD you can make a fully avhcd compliant folder to burn to a dvd dl blank using imageburn (2.5 udf)-as an alternative you can edit the iso image. Most bluray players won't play bluray on dvd. I hope this helps.

But the nfo file suggest I just burn the iso to a dual layer DVD.  I see an mds file so that indicates that I should just burn it.  But since I only have a few DL discs left, I would rather not do trial and error.  So what exactly should I do?  Is there a help page somewhere?

Regarding this post:

Jaitea, a better texture will definitely help, but you could also modify the model slightly as well.  Round off those too-crisp edges and the light will give subtle highlights adding a new level of believability.

Regarding this post (and others with a similar pic):

It ocurred to me that that landing platform for the cloud cars always looked to me like a balcony lounge for a bunch of jawas.  LOL.

Regarding this post:

There is a DVD9 PAL torrent, which I am also seeding.  But it's easier to download the one from fanedit ( using jdownloader.

Did I read correctly that Adywan got somebody (SKY?) to remodel in CGI the original FOX opening fanfare logo?  If so, I think that is brilliant!  I am not so keen on the "An Adywan Production" one though.  I mean it's neat, but I really dig the original FOX logo.

Lastly, on a sadder note... Adywan, I am truely sorry for the loss of your mom.  What a shock it was to read that in this thread.  But it was very moving to see the forum members come to your support during that time.  You seem to be a strong individual and I know you will carry on.

And please take care of your health.  Give yourself a break every now and then.