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The Empire Strikes Back "1980 Theatrical version" Reconstruction - Adywan (Released)
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22-May-2010, 9:59 PM
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22-May-2010, 10:38 PM
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I was watching this last night and Lando had just rescued Leia and company. They start heading after Boba Fett and, I kid you not, they were on the East Platform firing at Slave I when I realized I hadn't noticed the restoration of the Bespin hallways from a few shots before!  I immediately stopped and went back to the shots and I ran them, and ran them, and ran them! I was watching on a 47-inch widescreen 1080 display and I couldn't see ANY quality loss! I realized then that's why I didn't notice! And what's funnier, because those SE-hallways and vistas weren't there, I wasn't pulled out of the movie to notice anything!

I was watching MY Empire again! Without any grainy artifacting or soupy smearing colors. Nor the "TECHNICOLOR musical" color timing of the 2004 DVD!

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL work my friend!  I've NEVER seen Empire look this good - EVER!!!! And I've watched it easily 200 or more times in my life! As I watched the Reconstruction, I was looking back at my history of watching Empire (as a few involuntary tears streamed down my face) I realized the last time I had seen Empire at a current home video standard was with the 1993 Definitive Laserdiscs I bought back in 1994. Even with that quality then, which was considered very good, the film had five sides on three discs so it was constantly being interrupted!  Before that, the only uninterrupted version I had was the CBS FOX VHS pan & scan video tape!

You really brought this film back to life!!!

I was watching the GOUT and Laserdiscs until this gem came my way. I just cannot stand the Lucas SE - I cannot wait to see your Empire Revisited man! You have the sensibilities in line with mine for Special Edition edits. I'm excited to soon see the Empire Revisted with the redone lightsabers!

I cannot thank you enough - there aren't words to describe what this means to me.

Oh, and Nick - seriously let me know when you're ready to post those covers - That second one is KILLER and exactly what I wanted for this disc.