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1-Apr-2004, 11:46 AM
Here’s my proposal for the ‘Ultimate Star Wars Box set’ that is probably going to see the light of day in time for the 30th anniversary.

The Phantom Menace

Pretty much all of this is OK. Just a few minor changes.

1. Crap puppet of Yoda, CGI in AOTC was better change to CGI.
2. Forget the midichlorian nonsense.
3. I don’t want to see Jabba in ANY star wars episodes until the last episode (it spoils the surprise, same goes for the deformed emperor

Attack of the Clones

Ho dear some really crap scenes in this need deleting.

1. Elevator scene at the beginning (cringe).
2. Obi Wan being helped by a little kid to find Kamino (duh you thick bastard Kenobi!!)
3. Stupid scene of Anakin riding on walking beach ball or what ever it is on Naboo.
4. ‘Good call my young padawan’(cringe)
5. Death star plans in a little hologram. ‘Yeah right, we’ll just build one that looks just like this nice red ball thing. Should take about 20 years looking at this detailed drawing’
6. Padme’s get to that hangar order(how did she know?)
7. reinstate the original wedding footage.

The Creeping Death or Fear or whatever it’s called

1. Get some normal people to watch the movie and delete all the crap dialogue and scenes they recommend that are bound to have been in the original theatrical/dvd release. Plus no full on images of the deformed emporer save that until the last episode as with jabba.

A New Hope

1. Han must shoot first
2. No Jabba (see episode one above)
3. rest of the movie is OK

The Empire Strikes Back

1. Original Wampa scene restored
2. If you must change the emporer hologram have his hood covering most of his face like the prequels. I can live with the different voice.
3. rest OK

Return of the Jedi

1. Original salac pit please.
2. CGI the ewoks eyes or something to make them look more real.
3. original music score in jabba’s palace reinstated
4. Original end music on endor

That’s about it, feel free to add more changes to the list that you thought sucked in the VHS/DVD releases.