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1984 A New Hope Project (* unfinished project *)
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25-Mar-2010, 7:18 PM

So I recently found a VHS of the CBS airing of Star Wars A New Hope and being a video editor I somewhat took this as a person project, but also am going to take it much further.  I do believe from what I have read this is very close to the theatrical version except that is is in 4:3 aspect ratio.

My project:

Convert from VHS to Digital to 1080i HD to 3D and finally burn to a blu-ray.

Yep, all that, hopefully when I am finished I will have a beautiful version of this and was wondering if anyone wanted a copy of this when finished?  It will take quite awhile, but beinga  student spring break is around the corner and I’m ready for a challenge.

If anyone wants this I will be putting up a web page for donations because it will cost quite a lot to get everything edited and converted with all the software.

Also IF I can make sure this is legal enough I will allow all those that have donated to send a blank blu-ray disk and I will copy it onto it.

The contents will include:

1984 Star Wars a New Hope in both 1080i and 1080i 3D (if you happen to have one of those fancy new TVs)

Interviews from Star Wars a New Hope 1997 Special Edition Version

Anything else you guys would want on it?  I want to just put together an ultimate version for everyone.