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SW Episode III - Reign of the Dark Side (* unfinished project *)
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19-Mar-2010, 7:57 PM
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original film name: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
new film name: Star Wars Episode III: Reign Of The Darkside

film studio name: Lucasarts
edit crew name: Bob Garcia
Date Original Film Was Released: May 19 2005
Original Runtime: 140 minutes
Cuts removed/added/extended:

-New opening crawl
-Removed as much Droid talking as possible
-Removed part of the Battle of Coruscant to move the story along at a faster pace. Also cut out Anakin saying “Sorry and Master” this is a trend pretty much thru the whole movie.
-Removed Anakin removing his seatbelt. Buckle up kids
-Music added as Obi-Wan and Anakin take down droids in the hanger bay.
-Removed parts of the Elevator ride up to save Palpatine.
-Removed R2’s fight with the droids.
-Music added as they arrive at Plapatine.
-Removed “This time, we will do it together” lines as well as “You’re no match for him” lines
-Reordered the footage of Palpatine watching the saber battle to more of my likeing.
-Obi gets tossed faster after getting force choked, Platform falling on him was cut quicker also.
-Added a quick scream as Anakin starts his last attacks at Dooku. To show him using his anger.
-Dialogue switched around right before Dooku’s death. I think its alot more impactful now
-Music added right after Dooku’s death
-Slowed down Palpatines lines after Dookus death, to sound more persuasive.
-Removed “His fate will be the same as ours” line. It adds a little humor the next time you see Anakin carrying Obi-wan.
-The elevator ride down to the hanger as been changed alot. Anakin saves everyone by himself.
-Ray Sheild scene trimmed up to flow alittle better. Also no R2 crashing into the wall.
-Music added to Anakin, Obi and Grievous’s talk on the Bridge of the ship. Pretty sure it was planned to be there. It fits perfect.
-Removed (You just watched it, but we’re gonna talk about it dialogue after Anakin and Obi arrive at Coruscant.
-Removed Jar Jar’s only lines.
-Reworked Anakin and Padme’s first conversation so that it begins and ends on a Bad note.
-Slightly shortened the balcony scene. It still hurts tho, so might remove it entirely.
-Added Obi-wan voice over to the Padme death vision Anakin has, helps explain why Anakin tells Padme “We dont need his help”
-Removed Anakin talking about the charm he gave Padme, trying to not tell Padme about his dream.
-Reversed the last shot of Anakin during his talk with Yoda, Now its the look of “That’s not the answer I was looking for buddy”
-Removed more (Anakin asking a question after everyone says something) Dialogue in his first talk with Palpatine. Helps him look more grown up.
-Cleaned up Anakin’s “it’s not fair” rant to the council. Also trimmed some lines just after it. More stuff we dont need to hear.
-Removed a few lines from Anakin and Obi’s talk just after the council meeting.
-Moved up the scene with Anakin and Palpatine’s talk at the opera.
-Midichlorian talk removed rather nicely, Very happy how well this cut works. The rest of the conversation was reordered so that Anakin doesn’t seem so eager.
And Palpatine dont seem so obvious.
-Obi wans "Chosen one refference removed, also fixed Mace’s out of sync lines. Happens least 3 times in the movie. All fixed.
-Bumped back Anakin and Padme’s (You’re sounding like a seperatist) talk. So that what Anakin is saying sounds like it’s based off of what Palpatine and him talked about at the opera.
-Removed the Wookie Tarzan yell.
-Changed the conversation between Anakin and Obi before Obi-wan heads out to get Grevious. This is the only time in the movie that Anakin comes even close to saying he’s sorry to anyone.
and he gets cut off quick by Obi-wan. There is no, Goodbye friend, and May the force be with you.
-Added another Obi-wan voiceover to the second Padme death vision. This one alittle worse than the first. Explaining the way Anakin talks in the scene that follows it.
-Removed alot of the squawking mount that Obi-wan rides. Seriously, Not one person on the team could lean over and tell George, you know that noise is alittle annoying after the 20th squawk.
-Trimmed some time before Obi drops the metal object on the droids, also alittle time before Grevious and him dual.
-Fixed the force push Obi-wan uses. How it was in the movie was just terrible.
-Removed Mace’s “I scense a plot to destroy the Jedi”.
-Cleaned up Palpatines Sith confession to Anakin. Switched some things around. And Anakin drops saber cause he knows Palpatine is pretty much right in everything he says.
-Removed Anakin telling Mace that Palpatine is a Sith. He just mentions that he’s not gonna give up his power. So they go to place him under arrest.
-Added more dream sounding Palpatine dialogue as Anakin waits in the council chambers.
-Removed time before Palpatine attack the Jedi to make it more like what it should be, an ambush.
-Removed some of Palpatine and Maces dual footage for both bad saber skills and alot of really bad face making.
-Added Palpatine talking mentally to Anakin as he lands his ship and races up to him.
-Anakin doesnt make it up to Palpatines office until after the force lightning attack. So when he shows up Palpatine is on the floor looking like holy hell with Mace about to finish him off.
Less time for Anakin to think and Mace looks more like a bad guy now.
-Switched around some footage so after Anakin attacks Mace you can see that Anakin doesn’t regret what hes done. He just looks pissed.
-Reworked Anakin being dubbed Darth Vader by Sidious just slightly
-Added new music for the attack on the Jedi temple.
-Removed the younglings dialogue.
-The Jedi wipeout for now is left unchanged, but I might stretch it out a bit before I release this.
-Removed a few lines from Yoda and Obi’s talk about going to the Jedi Temple to dismantle the code.
-Added music to the shot of Anakins ship headed toward Mustafar.
-Removed some of Yodas fighting the troopers outside the Jedi Temple. The flipping around part.
-From this point on in the movie Anakins Saber has now been changed to red.
-The slaughter of the Seperatists footage is now compiled into one, non stop scene. Horizontal flip ftw 8)
-Compiled some of the footage of Sidious’s speech
-Removed lines from Yoda and Obi’s talk of killing Sidious.
-Removed alot of what Obi tells Padme about what Anakin has done. Removed that he killed younglings. Helps better explain why she races to see him.
-Removed and reordered dialogue from on the landing platform on Mustafar.
-Padme now gets force choked for a few more seconds.
-Removed dialogue just before Anakin and Obi duel.
-Removed Yoda fighting Sidious. No matter how I tryed, couldnt get it to be something decent enough to leave in.
-Anakin and Obi-wana duel is now one non stop fight scene up till the end. Edited a way I have yet to see elsewhere.
-Removed dialogue from final duel scene as well as just after the duel.
-Bumped back Anakin being saved by Sidious. I mean after that big fight scene, Obi leaves and the very next scene is Sidious showing up to save Anakin? Good Lord Lucas, at least let some suspence build.
-Moved up scene of Yoda being told Obi-wan has made contact.
-Removed Padme dying cause she’s lost the will to live. Nope. Force Choke FTL. Medical Droid now states “Were losing her.” and the rest goes from there.
-Removed Sidious’s first reaction to seeing Anakin. Just sounds way too odd.
-Reworked the end of the babies being born, Padme dies almost immediately after.
-Bumped up the Scene with Yoda explaining what is to happen to the children.
-Padmes funeral and Anakin being reborn are now overlapping scenes. Its amazing how much these 2 scenes are exactly alike. They needed to be presented this way. Even if it makes alittle wierd time lapse.

** More will be updated as I go **

Reason for this edit: I have watched several fan edits of this film, and enjoyed them immensely.
JasonN’s version comes to mind right away. I liked it so much that it’s pretty much what made me try Fan-editing myself.

But after watching all the versions. I felt that none of them did it exactly as I would have. So here I am.
It’s also a nice break from working on my other projects that are edit heavy. This ones simple cause I know exactly what I want to accomplish. And hopefully someone will enjoy it as I will.

Had Youtubes posted but they got zapped by 20th Century Fox